Thursday, February 07, 2008

For the love of Jack

I'm not usually the sort to pass along things in my blog, but this one just calls out to be shared with as many people as it can be. Maybe it's because I have such messed up legs myself, but I'll go with the fact that no animal deserves to be in that shape. There's pictures of him below, just look at that face, and fall in love.


Jack was found "walking on played- out tip-toes, knees
together,pelvis turned up and forward and the sacral/lumbar spine
curveddramatically upward". His injury was diagnosed as "a level IV
case of patellarsubluxation - the knee caps having slid to the side
and muscle and bonescaring resulting. Cause is hard to determine but
time in too small a crate or riding by a child were top on the list."

Jack is rescued, being provided and cared for, and, rehabilitated by
Dave of The Merlin Tree. By now, Jack have had his first round of
surgeries - "a femoral ostemy (chip out of the bone for a new
patella socket), a patellar relocation, a rotational suture
(corrects twisting of the knee) and tibial ostemy". When he is
ready, " the next surgery could be the 'bad' leg which will need all
of the above plus an external ring procedure".

We have been running a fundraising raffles which would end next Fri,
the day after Valentine's (Happy Valentine's! ! :) ). If you're
inclined to help out $$wise, every $10 donation gets a raffles
ticket. One of the prizes includes a HitchHiker Spinning Wheel!

For more information, please visit Jack's blog here:

http://fortheloveof jack.blogspot. com