Monday, July 31, 2006

Niece Update

Well, Kitty is fine. Sorry for the lag in posting this, but she was released on Thursdat evening. The doctors decided it was an ubstructed bowel and cleared that and now she's all better. Reason for the lag in on my way home from visiting her that day a damn bus driver shut the door on my leg! I just can't get a break can I?

Leg is major sprained and might be muscle tear in the quad, not sure yet. Have fun y'all.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Need good thoughts

Yesterday morning about 3:30am my 3.5 year old niece went into the hospital with what they thought was apendexcitis (can't spell, sorry). Than they thought it was gull stones and that the gull bladder would have to be removed. Now they have no damn idea what's up. She seems to be ok, but only as long as she doesn't streighten up. The temp she had when she went in has gone back down, so I am at wits end.

Please, She needs all the prayers, good thoughts, wiccan charms or whatever you believe in that she can get. I'm hoping that the doctors can figure out today what's wrong with "my" little girl, since she calls me daddy.

She was saying last night that she was all better and wanted to come home with her little cousin, but since she also said she wouldn't admit if it still hurt if she could come got a smile and a laugh but she's still there at the Children's Hospital.

Needless to say, I'll keep y'all posted. Please keep her in your thoughts. If you'd like to see pictures they are at .

Thanks everyone

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just Ducky!

Woohoo!!! SP8 pal came through again. No pictures as of yet, but soon to come. First off, a pattern for a lovely crocheted scarf, and of course the yarn and hook (bamboo!!!) to make it. A lovely brown, the color of a finely malted scotch in Apalca and silk. MMMMM

Than some roving in a beautiful dark green with greys and browns. Plus some things to make my feel all nice and pretty (something they sorely need since the baby was born). Add a punching pumpkin pen and other halloween things in a little tote bag and you have the makings of a party.

But the best, and this even tops the chocolates from last time, RUBBER DUCKS!!

I don't think I let slip my love of rubber duckies, but she (?) sure figured it out. There's a duckie on a keychain, a luau duckie, a regular squirting duckie, a flipping duckie, a big stress ball type duck, and best of all, a duckie on a chain to wear on my neck.

I'm quackers!! :)

Thanks Secret Pal!!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

bad blogger

Ok, I'm a bad blogger. Just trying to recover from my MIL's visit. She left and 2 days later the FIL landed (seperated of course). Just when you thought it was safe to relax......... ATTACK OF THE INLAWS!

*sigh* back to sleeping and watching my oh so cute son and hating the hubby's job where he works nights. :(

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Le Tour De Fleece

Well the Le Tour de Fleece started today, and I plan on spinning a merino/soy blend (at least 2 ounces) on my drop spindle. I know it's not a big challenge for almost a month of time, but I have a newborn, so cut me some slack. :)

Off to spin some up, wish me luck. I'm planning on a 3 ply lace to sock weight when I'm done. Wish me luck!