Monday, November 29, 2010 is a site that sounds like it will be better than PayPal once the box is "opened" as they call it. Right now they are doing what I would call beta testing and for every day you log in you get $20 put into your paybox account, and you get more money put in for voting on debit card designs and taking the surveys. It only takes about 5 min a day to log in, do the daily survey and vote on a few cards. Once the box if opened you'll be able to use the account to pay vendors online, you'll have a debit card to use in brick and mortar stores, and you'll have all that money you earned there for your use. Lemme tell you, it adds up fast.

Anyway, wander over there, take a gander and join up, you've got nothing to lose, and the chance to gain some decent amounts of money to gain.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Le sigh

What's that saying about best laid plans? I had hoped to blog more, and then the craptop died and I got viral pneumonia. But now I have a shiny new laptop (thanks mommy and Sally!!) that was a b-day present and I'm all human again.

On the crafting front, I knit Scott a sweater for x-mas, pictures will come in the next few days. it's hooded and looks so cute. I'm also planning to knit little sock puppet type things for him, just not sure if they'll all get knit in time for the holiday. Mom and Sally threw a metric crap ton of yarn at me when they got their school grants. Mom wants a sweater and Sally has no idea what she wanted. Gee, thanks sis. At least I have plenty to knit and play with. I even got a few skeins of yarn for myself out of it. I love going to yarn and fabric stores with them when they have spare cash, I just stick a few thing sin the basket for me and they call it my knitting fee. I need to bust out the new sewing machine Sally got and play with it. She got an computerized embroidery machine *drool*.

Scott is just getting over bacterial pneumonia (like mother like son, no?) and I'm so thankful they got him to the dr as soon as he started to have problems, because his temp spiked to 105, according to Diana. He's still with the former in-laws. J finally has both a job and an apartment so I hope that Scott will start to be phased into his house again.