Sunday, April 30, 2006

Shawl Update

Here's an update on the Mystery Pi Knit Along that I'm doing. I just started the 576 stitch section and am very pleased with how it is looking. I admit that somehow I made some mistakes with counting and such in the last rows, but I like how it looks so I'm calling it a desgin element. Can't be a mistake if I like it can it?

I'm also checking out spinning wheels because I hope to start spinning soon. Should be an interesting thing to try. I've been using a drop spindle for years and can get a nice fine single on it, so I want something faster. I haven't the time to wait, there's fiber to be spun and yarn to knit and crochet. :)

On the baby front, 8 weeks to go, just 55 short little days until baby Scott's due date. Course that doesn't mean bugger all on when he'll get here, but hopefully he'll not want to make an apperance for 4 more weeks. Tomorrow his daddy and I are getting married, so he'll get to be in the pictures for that, as the bluge. Despite how I sound, I am estatic about both the baby and the wedding. Hungry too, gotta go eat.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


About bloody time here, my mum FINALLY got her disaility approved. 27 months back payments will be made to her in 2 checks, as well as the monthly payments. All I can say is I'm happy that my mum has a decision, and now maybe the doctors will figure out what's wrong. Imangine getting a favorable ruling without a diagnosis of what's wrong, that seems like a good coup to me.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Knitting a shawl

I started knitting a shawl today, a lace Pi shawl. For those not familure with the Pi, it's a round shawl with interesting increaces, making for a great thing. This one is like those old Choose Your Own Adventure Books, we're given a few different choices per section and it's a free for all. Really fun, I'll post pictures as I get farther along. Anyone interested in joining can check out the group at

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Click to join EZasPi

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My son, Scott Wayne at 24 weeks. Due date is guessed for around June 24th. I kinda hope he comes out a little eariler (just a week or so) so I can sleep on my tummy again. Selfish I know, but I don't care, I wanna good nights sleep!!!!!

This is me

Well, this is me, just plain ol' me. I'd say little but getting fatter by the day here. And to the next person who tells me it's not fat, I have a big present for you, it's getting to take care of my son once he decides to show up in this crazy world. Gee, don't you feel special? Just 11 more weeks now, and feels like 11 months.

Ok, I knit, crochet, nag my family about dinner suggestions, needle tat, I just started spinning on a drop spindle while I wait and save for a real spinning wheel. I also read, do the movie thing, listen to all kinds of music, and cook a lot.

Planning on getting married beginning of next month, to my wonderful boyfriend and back massuse. Otherwise I sit at home right now and halp watch my niece drive my sister up the wall and laugh when she talks cause she's sooooooo CUTE!!!