Monday, November 13, 2006


Just to those who read this on a regualr basis (So I'm thinking one or two only) if it takes me a little while to get posts up I'm sorry. The living situation here in Minnesota is not that ideal right now. To put it frankly I hate where we are and who we are living with and wish I was someplace on my own with hubby/baby but we can't afford it so I'm stuck living with the evil bitch until we can. Rents here are 500 for a studio and that's almost 2/3's of the monthly pay so you can see where we are screwed. Until that happens I'm using the computers at the libiary.

Just spinning and knitting and trying to ingore the world. But it's not working. Maybe someday soon it'll happen.

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Anonymous said...

hey, secret pally poo here! so the baby is doing better? it sounds like it is sucky where you are staying, but it is temporary, right? it must be really hard, though.

i have a collection of stuff for ya, i wanted to make sure you knew i was thinking about you.