Monday, April 09, 2007

I'm back

Yeah, so that was a waste of time there at the hospital. They told me exactly nothing, except what I already knew. Apparently I suffer from non-epileptic events. Well, DUH, I could have saved a week and not had to be there with things stuck to my head. Been having these things all my life, I think I know what they are by now.

On a fiber note, I have knit 2 mobuis scarfs (using the method where they are knit from the center line out, not knit the scarf and do the half twist) while I was in there. Planing on making more, but I need to get some REALLY long circs, because a 29 inch isn't cutting it. Maybe go buy some Options with a 60" cord.

Sending swap stuff out soon, so that'll be fun. Hoping that she'll like what I send, but that shouldn't be hard. Who doesn't love yarn and other stuff. :)

Scott's 10 months now, and he's so cute. Just learning how to walk while holding onto my fingers, so we spend half the day doing that while daddy's at work. Little brat still won't say mama much, once a week is the norm. And he's taken to screeching when he doesn't get his way, or is bored, or because he want's something, or because the sun is shining, or because he's breathing. Yeah, it's annoying, and wishing I had some hefty earplugs doesn't help much.

Off to eat the head of a chocolate rabbit now. *evil laugh*

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