Thursday, February 12, 2009


WOW. I can just say wow for now. Jessie of Phat Fiber put up a blog about my samples yesterday. Since then I've had 6 sales. My store is down to 6 items. I'm gonna be working my tail off to finish plying up the box of Isis I have dyed. Not to mention skeining it. And skeinging the merino fingering weight I have dyed as well. We're talking a few THOUSAND yards here. Those wool balls are 440 yards each, and there is 10 of the buggers. *head desk* I am SO not going out this weekend. Not that I have anywhere to go anyway. For the first time in 7 years I'm single on V Day. Granted, I don't like the day. 10 years ago this year a dear friend and teacher passed on it. On a Saturday V Day too. So. I'm just gonna work and work and work and work.

Lest you think I am all work and no play. I spent a whopping $22 on myself with some of this cash, and got 12 sample scents from Happy Housewife. If you go there to look, I am SO not responsible for any money you may spend. Seriously. I started out having to find 6 scents I liked. That ended up being 16 I wanted to try. I went back, to re-read the descriptions and then I had 23 to pick from. Thankfully the new must have list was 12, so I called it fate, and will try these before I commit to a bottle. I have problems with most scents, and the cupcakes they offer are perfect for me to give them a go.

Just cause you know you want to find out what I got they are (in no real order). Yuan Fen, Farm Girls, Embroidered Linens, The Wind, Brain Bleach, Day of the Dead, Dirty Jack, OMFG Zomb1ez!, Fractal Dance, The Last Rain, and then hopefully Boho- Wake and Boho- Gypsy. If not those 2 then Ivory Merchant and Cultivated Pearls.

I know, you have no idea what scents those would be from the names. So go and drool, a 6 pack of samples is onlt 11$ and there's free shipping for them.

Back to work. :D

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