Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scott pictures

Since I doubt I'll be able to afford to go to MN to be with Scott for his birthday I thought I'd post some pictures here to show to the world. More so on the affording the trip later, once the farce that is child support is taken care of. The magistrate wants J and I to both pay $173 a month. I don't even make that a month. He thinks, and I quote "That I am purposely unemployed" which to anyone who actually knows me knows is a crock. My health has gotten worse lately, and I'm undergoing tests for a fairly icky disease. On the good news front, I finally got my hearing date for disability! Only took 18 months to get the date.

Back to the Scotty pics! All theses are from the trip J and I made up there in March to go to court and we got to spend 4 amazing days with Scott.

Here he was playing with a little people's city playset. Not that new LP stuff either, this one dated back to when J and I were kids. He was VERY intent on what he was doing.  


 Scott smelling the ball of yarn I'm in the background plying up.

More playing with the toyset. Ignore the x-mas tree in the background. We were at J's grandma's and she had yet to take the tree down.

.We were letting Scott take pictures with the cameras in out phones. I have to get them off, as he took some pretty good ones. I let him take some with the camera as well.

My darlin "medium boy" as he insists on being called. I think he looks so mature and adorable. I can't express just how proud I am of Scott, and how well he's weathering through all this crap going on. I love you so much Scotty lad!

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Sandra La Knitalian said...

handsome boy, a man after my heart-I have 2 redhead grandkids now, so I am naturally predjudiced.

Wishing you the very best on your path to greatness with your boy! You have hats to knit for that gorgeous head~ ♥♥♥