Monday, November 29, 2010 is a site that sounds like it will be better than PayPal once the box is "opened" as they call it. Right now they are doing what I would call beta testing and for every day you log in you get $20 put into your paybox account, and you get more money put in for voting on debit card designs and taking the surveys. It only takes about 5 min a day to log in, do the daily survey and vote on a few cards. Once the box if opened you'll be able to use the account to pay vendors online, you'll have a debit card to use in brick and mortar stores, and you'll have all that money you earned there for your use. Lemme tell you, it adds up fast.

Anyway, wander over there, take a gander and join up, you've got nothing to lose, and the chance to gain some decent amounts of money to gain.

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