Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This is me

Well, this is me, just plain ol' me. I'd say little but getting fatter by the day here. And to the next person who tells me it's not fat, I have a big present for you, it's getting to take care of my son once he decides to show up in this crazy world. Gee, don't you feel special? Just 11 more weeks now, and feels like 11 months.

Ok, I knit, crochet, nag my family about dinner suggestions, needle tat, I just started spinning on a drop spindle while I wait and save for a real spinning wheel. I also read, do the movie thing, listen to all kinds of music, and cook a lot.

Planning on getting married beginning of next month, to my wonderful boyfriend and back massuse. Otherwise I sit at home right now and halp watch my niece drive my sister up the wall and laugh when she talks cause she's sooooooo CUTE!!!

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