Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Proof I'm nuts

Here's proof I'm nuts. I'm carding soy silk and merino wool together using cat slicker brushes. Yep, those little tiny things. And this isn't small amounts either, we're talking 8 oz of EACH!. I figure it's something to do between knitting bouts, since I can only work a few rounds at a time on the shawl of death, hence refered to as the SOD. Still in the 576 section, about 12 rows now. It can go up to 96, but I don't think I'll need to go that far. 6 rows makes an inch on each side, and the edging I'm going to use will add some width as well. I'm thinking about overdying it to a more verigated color, but not sure yet. depends on how it looks when blocked with the edging.

Oh well, time to start getting ready to go see the nice doctor lady, where we get to talk about too dreaded words. C-section and induction. As a perk I'll get to see the baby in an ultrasound, and it means he might come out sooner, but I'd rather he be ready.

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