Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just Ducky!

Woohoo!!! SP8 pal came through again. No pictures as of yet, but soon to come. First off, a pattern for a lovely crocheted scarf, and of course the yarn and hook (bamboo!!!) to make it. A lovely brown, the color of a finely malted scotch in Apalca and silk. MMMMM

Than some roving in a beautiful dark green with greys and browns. Plus some things to make my feel all nice and pretty (something they sorely need since the baby was born). Add a punching pumpkin pen and other halloween things in a little tote bag and you have the makings of a party.

But the best, and this even tops the chocolates from last time, RUBBER DUCKS!!

I don't think I let slip my love of rubber duckies, but she (?) sure figured it out. There's a duckie on a keychain, a luau duckie, a regular squirting duckie, a flipping duckie, a big stress ball type duck, and best of all, a duckie on a chain to wear on my neck.

I'm quackers!! :)

Thanks Secret Pal!!!!

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