Saturday, July 01, 2006

Le Tour De Fleece

Well the Le Tour de Fleece started today, and I plan on spinning a merino/soy blend (at least 2 ounces) on my drop spindle. I know it's not a big challenge for almost a month of time, but I have a newborn, so cut me some slack. :)

Off to spin some up, wish me luck. I'm planning on a 3 ply lace to sock weight when I'm done. Wish me luck!


Emma said...

Tour de Fleece--hee hee. Good luck!

spininmamma3 said...

You have all the slack you need from me!! Good luck getting any done- I'll be hoping you get some time! I hope that nights are better than the last post about it- I know if it isn't yet, it really will be soon. I have three kiddos myself so I truly promise it will get better! Lot's of luck to you!!