Monday, August 14, 2006


I hate hospitals.

Scott stopped breathing on friday morning (he started again thankfully) and I have just spent the last 60 hours at CHOC trying to find out what's wrong. Damn doctors have no idea, so here we are, home again. I don't think I'll ever sleep again, I'll just be watching him to make sure he's still breathing. They could have sent us home with a monitor but nooooooo, insurance says that he's medically stable and there's no need. Well, fuck them.

Sorry, a little wound up, stressed out, and all the other emotions that come with not being able to really hold your baby and walk with him when he's tired and wanting to be at home, not the hospital. Poor kid barely slept the entire time, every time he drifted off he would get woken up by someone wanting to check his vitals or a noise from the other bed, or the hall, or whatever. Slept 18 hours straight on release, barely woke up to eat and get changed in that time period.

Poor munchkin.

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