Monday, January 08, 2007

My Secret Pal

What a pal I have in my secret pal. I just wanted to pop up here and let her know I got the box of goodies and to say thanks. More details and many more thank you's to follow, but I want to get pictures posted with them, and have to find the dang cable for the camera.


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natasha said...

hey you! i am excited to be able to just email you and use my name! i always accidentally spill it. ah well. anyway, i hope you liked everything. i do my best to not be a sucky pal (mine this time was um...absent. i never got anything.) i thought that the burda patterns would be the icing. i hope they were. your doily blew my mind. i cannot even comprehend how you do that. i collect vintage linens and have quite a few hand tatted napkins, hankies, pillowcases, table runners, etc, and it just blows my mind that people get rid of that stuff. sheeesh.

anyway, good luck on the wedding! we got married in vegas with friends and family and is was sooooo fun! and it was much cheaper than many other places. also, you can rent a condo on the beach and have the ceremony on the beach and that is super nice too because everyone can hang out and relax...