Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Move over Addis

Ok Addi Turbo's, move it on over, there's a new needle in town. I hate to break it to ya, but the Knitpicks options are just sooooo much nicer. The cord is as bendy (big plus) and the points are nice and points, which is something the turbos lack (being blunt like they are). I have got to get me some more of these wondrous needles and see if the larger sized match up to the little ones. And they make DP's too!

Yes, I know, bad blogger. I need to get pictures of my haul from Natasha posted, which should happen next week when the aunt is out of the house for a whole week. Getting ready for a new job where I'll actually be making money! and the hubby and I are looking for a place, since he just got a good security job again. Things are finally looking up and I place all the blame for that on all you guys shoulders, for keeping me cherry and telling me it'll get better. Thanks!!

Now back to my knitting of my SP's final present. I know it will get to her after the swap ends, but it's for her b-day and she's been warned. I'd tell you what it is, but just in case she somehow read through all the blogs and discovered mine.....mum's the word. I'll post after it's done.

On the baby front, Scott's crawling EVERYWHERE!! and has learned how to stand up with a little bit of assistance (ie. the couch, chair, toy, box, leg). Kids are so great and he's really cute too.

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natasha said...

you are so welcome! and i am so glad to hear that things are getting back on track! i was going to get you some addis, but honestly, i don't like them and the knitpicks ones rock! and they are cheapo! the larger sizes (i think just 0-3 are the fixed cable, email them and you will get their catalog for free) have cables that screw on. for some reason, the shortest cable is 24 inches and they haveones up to 54 inches or something crazy. anyway, those ones have metal threading on the cable and work really well too. you can either just buy the sizes you want individually, or buy the whole pack which is a really good deal. i have the denise ones, which i thought i liked best, but now the knitpicks ones are so nice and slipper and the cable is so flexible...and everything is sooo cheap you can buy a few pairs of each. you can get 2-3 pairs of knitpicks ones for every one pair of addis your get! and they are so nice and pointy. there are also stoppers that screw onto the ends so your knitting doesn't fall off. smart, eh?

i got the doily, it is amazing. i have no idea how you do that. it blows me away. thanks so much!

i hope you were able to use the stuff i sent you. were there patterns in those burday magazines that you liked? were they as good as you had hoped?