Sunday, June 10, 2007

Feeling Guilty

For some strange reason I feel really guilty right now. I went and ordered yarn, for me. *GASP* Usually when I buy yarn it's to make something for someone else, and not this time. I went and ordered 5 skeins of Knitpicks Shadows in Redwood Forest. It's all red and brown and really pretty. I think I'll knit lace (duh!), maybe check out the Victorian Lace Today book from work (the perk of working in a bookstore, checking out books) and make something from there. Or maybe I'll try a shetland style shawl. OOOOO, liking that idea. That's what I shall do. Oh goodie, I have a plan. And for those reading, knitpicks has that yarn and color on sale right now, $1.99 a skein!!!!! Not feeling so guilty anymore. *happy dance*

Still haven't heard anything back from my person I'm spoiling, and I don't want to send the box until I do. Which is ok, cause I'm adding little things I find to the box.

Oh, Scott had a good b-day. Or so I think. We took him to the park, and than he was so tuckered out he napped for about 2 hours. And of course we gave him some cake. I'll have to post pictures up here of the mess. Than we met up with some friends at Chuckie Cheese's to play skee-ball and just have fun. Poor kid crashed when we got home. We've been keeping him up later and later, to move his bedtime back a little bit. He didn't get to bed until almost 10pm, so later than normal for him. Just means I'll get to sleep in later, which is why we started moving it back in the first place.

Off to plan a pattern, cause I have yarn on the way!!!

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