Friday, June 22, 2007

Crazy much?

I must be crazy. I just entered the shawl I'm knitting in the State fair. Problem is, I JUST started it. Should be fun, my first attempt at desiging a lace shawl. It'll be done in the knitpicks shadow that I just got. I'm gonna try and get a big chunk done this week, cause Scott is up at the MIL's.

I have decided that the shawl will be a shetland style shawl, something I've never done before. Again, I MUST be crazy!!

On a SP10 front. My one partner dropped out or something, so I have a new spoiler, and she's sending me a package soon. Still haven't heard anything from my person I'm spoiling, and I can't send her package until I do, because I was a dingbat and deleted her address. I know, if it wasn't attached it'd fall off.

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