Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hippity Hop

I'm actually knitting right now, ain't it great? I'm making stuffed bunnies for my SP11 partner. Ok, they're not for her, but for her little girls. I just haven't found a pattern for sweaters that goes from newborn size to 4t. So bunnies it is. What little girl can resist a stuffed toy anyway? I know that my niece can't. The little wench has stolen all of my stuffed critter collection. I'm also making a baby blanket for her new bairn Gaelic for baby) who's not even here yet. Thank the gods that they know what gender the baby is, makes it easier on me. It's going to be pink and black, a very classic color combo that brings to mind Channel clothes. Just black trim mind you.

Other than that, J and I are learning Scots Gaelic and it's going pretty well. Ok, I can write it and understand, but still can't pronounce it easily.

Scott WALKS!!!!! Yes, he's off and walking, not all the time, and not for long, but he's a walker now. Woohoo!! Please remind me in a few months when I whine that he won't stay in one place that I was happy about this.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting to have a walker! Enjoy these moments and store up memories they go all too fast.

Sometime mid next week start watching for a package!

You Secret Pal