Sunday, May 25, 2008

My year so far

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while. I promise you I have reasons for this. In late January I suffered a miscarriage, and that sent me into a little bit of a depression. This was my 3rd one now, and I hate to think that Scott might be an only child. Than, in late April, I went for a walk and wound up slipping and hitting my head upside a bus bench, getting a mild concussion. I had been having really bad headaches and short term memory loss for about 3 weeks, when I knocked my head again and now I'm missing almost 3 years. Please note that Scott is not yet 2, and I have none of the memories of him that I'm susposed to love and treasure and all that stuff. I barely know my husband and getting used to suddenly being in a different state, far from my family, with a child and husband is taking some getting used to. I got to spend 4 days in the hospital being a guinea pig for all sorts of tests, and have been told that the memories may come back, in time. For now I'm wandering around in a deja vu mood.

Here's some of what I've learned so far.
  • I have a business, on where I goofed spelling the name and so that's fun.
  • MN is a weird state, and as I type this, there's a tornado warning going on. Gee, what fun. At least with earthquakes there's no warning, and it's over fast.
  • My sister is back at school *happy dance* and my niece talks.
  • I have fibromylagia, finally got a diagnosis.

My mom and niece are coming out to visit next week, and to help me get used to taking care of a 2 year old. My sister can't come, because she's still in classes. Scott's up at his other grandma's until the 3rd, so they'll all get here the same day. I can't wait to see my little girl (niece) again. I still feel as though I should be in CA, but I'm determined to give MN a real shot. I've met my sister-in-law and some of our friends, but have yet to meet the big ones (the MIL AND FIL's)

Scott is a sweetheart, and though I was freaked out when I first saw him, I mean who wouldn't be. There's this little kid calling you mommy, and he looked enough like Kitty where I knew he had to be related. He came up 2 times to visit me in the hospital (than he want to gamma's) and we were playing and everything. He even came running to me when he fell and hit his head. He gave me lots of kisses and even does Eskimo kisses. I'll be happy to see him in a week.

I need to inventory all of my yarns and fibers so I can get them posted and sell them. I'm also thinking about doing one of the holiday craft sales, if they do them out here in MN. But that's ages away. I'll see.

Here's hoping that I get a few more little memories. I've had a few, which is nice. It means that they are in my head somewhere, just gotta find them. I wish there was a disk defrag for the human mind, get everything in it's proper place.

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