Monday, September 08, 2008

Mall Saga

Ok, I really don't like the mall people. Went down Tuesday to try and get insurance info and accident report, no go. "The Hospitals and Dr's offices will have to call us for that themselves" in the case of insurance. So I let the hospital and Orthopedist's office know that. Come Thursday morning, right before my appt I get a call from the Ortho office and "They won't give us their insurance info, they say it has to go through your insurance". Now for those fellow readers who know me, y'all know I have no insurance right now. So I had to schedule an appt with my Primary Dr out here and borrow the $50 they want as a "down payment" for this.

Still need to get a damn lawyer to call me back, the only one I'd gotten a hold of said She'd contact her partner in the Twin Cities (why a lawyer out of the area called me is beyond me) and find out if he had space in his books for me, or something like that. No call back, from her or otherwise. *grr*

Seriously NO knitting done this week, because it's too hard to concentrate on what I'm doing. For future reference, Sprains really hurt, and when the Dr you see in the ER gives you just enough pain meds to get through the 3 days before the holiday is up and not much else you've got yo actually figure out how many you can take, so you'll still have some for the rest of the time. I was taking 1 most days, and on a few a whopping 1.5 pills. He only gave me 12 in the first place. I'm hoping I can get something from my PC, because this freaking hurts. And hobbling around on crutches just screw up my other calf, major knots in it. Gotta ask him about that as well.
Figure if I'm there might as well ask all the things I've been needing to.

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