Saturday, August 30, 2008

A day at the Mall

Usually when you go to the mall you have a good time, not wind up with a sprained knee. Not so for me today.

I was walking along with Scott on my shoulders in our local mall and slipped on a puddle of water, which even security there said they couldn't see right above it. So now I have an immobilizer on, and have to go back there on Monday to get their insurance info, and get them to cover all the damn bills. Scott is fine, I'm just the hurt one, so I don't mine uber much.

Finished knitting the Veil of Isis Shawl, will block and photograph it this week. I didn't knit the edging, cause I decided I didn't like it enough to do. :-P It's pretty but this will be a baby blanket, and it's easier to block a square than a square with pointed edging.

Off to the Ren Faire tomorrow, and will have fun with that. Walking around with a cane, and can't wear the skirt I made yesterday for it. :(

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