Thursday, August 19, 2010

August Phat Fiber Box.

I always mean to post the boxes when I get them, but I get so swept up on fondling the yarns and fibers, and before I know it I've spun or felted them all up, and can't remember who is who. I kept myself from that today....long enough to take pictures. I'm planning to start knitting either strips or mitered squares from all the yarn samples I have and start working on a throw blanket. Same with the little skeins of handspun I've gotten up. We'll see how long that lasts right?

All info I have on the samples is with them, and the descriptions of texture/feeling are mine alone. They only reflect my feelings of the fiber, and my weird wool sensitivity issues.

From All For Love of Yarn Beautiful squishy soft 50/50 merino silk fingering weight yarn, in an amazing tealy turquoise color. Perfectly solidly dyed. Amazing yarn.

Avalon Springs Farm Some of the softest mohair I've yet to feel. Silky and doesn't make me itch at all. Which is a great thing, cause I love mohair and most of it makes me itch like the end of the world is nigh. 

Color Bug Pin drafted Romney. For romney it's pretty soft. I'm going to dye it with some of the neon food colors and then spin it up. 

Farmgirl Chic A loverly mini batt of Border Leicester, corriedale cross, mohair, cotswold, and vintage fibers. Such beautiful colors, and the little threads and fabric in the batt are amazing. I would love spinning up a shawls or sweaters worth of this.

Fiber Diversions 100% alpace fiber. Just super soft and amazing. I love alpaca anyway, and this just makes me want to curl up in it.

Griffordables Masham wool and angelina. I'd never heard of masham wool before, but it's not too bad. I'd call it a medium softness. Love the sparkles!

Jag's Funky Fibers pretty recycled yarn in tan, brown and cream shades. Not sure of fiber makeup

Jenny Fields Fiber Silk noil and silk cocoons dyed in shades of gold. Those lacy bits there to the right of the card are the actual cocoons, and seriously look like wrought gold. It's stunning.

Light Brown Hare All I can say is WOW! Mini mini skeins of all 6 of her yarns, and a larger mini skein in the Red Desert colorway. Some amazing base yarns, and a great eye for color.

Mama Jude's Judy is an amazing woman anyway, and used plant dyes. This is super soft merino pencil roving dyed with indigo. I can't wait to see how this spins up.

Wild Hare Hand dyed Lambswool 58s top. Pretty soft and squishy. Not sure if I'd use is as a next to face fiber, but for a sweater it would be perfect. 

The Critter Ranch Two beautiful mini batts. This colorset is called Gorillas in the Mist. The black batt is natural black llama and alpaca, natural silver mohair and llama. The green is hand dyed llama, alpaca, wool, bamboo, mohair, silk, and fire star. AMAZING!!!!!

I'm now going to go set up my wheel and spin some of this up. I plan to aim for fingering weight yarns for the most part, so they will be either 2ply or 3ply it just depends on how thin the fiber wants to be spun.

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Melissa Verill said...

Betty...I loved that you took the time to talk about the individual artists fibers...will have to restrain myself and do the same next time...LOl