Monday, June 19, 2006


Well, it may be only June, but feels like Christmas to me for sure! I got my SP8 box today from my pal, and belive me, WOW.

Those little green things there in the front are a pair of baby socks for my little angel, and a matching hat. I was tempted to try them on him, but it's over 85 in my house right now and I'm not that mean to put wool on him in this. I love the hat, which my partner did a little trick with the ribbing, it looks like leaves.

Next is a skein of sock wool from Lisa Souza, in the coolst colorway. It's browns, blues (which you can't really see in the picture), with a little bit of orange and olive green thrown in for good measure. So soft, and superwash merino, which means that I don't have to be so uber careful with the washing. The Betty doesn't like blocking and handwashing much, so this is a godsend. Or in this case, a partner send. :)

And since I was warned that she was planing on spoiling baby Scott, an adorable baby photo album (something I didn't have yet, so again, perfect!)

But the best, has of course been saved for last. CHOCOLATE!!! Just smelling these is great, I can't wait to actually eat one. But which to eat first? That's the real question. Maybe I should wait until the hubby gets home and ask him........but why?

Thanks to my secret partner, You're amazing!!!

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