Saturday, June 03, 2006


Ok, officially in labor now. What a pain, since it's 95 degrees!!!!!

Wish me luck.

nvm, labor decided it was too hot to happen. *SIGH*

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beadntat said...

Good luck with the big event. My birthday is on Tuesday the 6th, so that would be a great day to have a baby. Or at least that's the line the nurses fed my mom the day I was hatched LOL Besides, the 6th is D-day and it was always a good line to tell others "watch out, I was born on D-Day!!!!" Well, except it was a few years later :-)

Take a nice tepid bath, breathe, and knit in between the contractions. Have a wonderful experience (37 weeks is a perfect time to deliver ;-)
{{{hugs}}} Kristina