Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fianlly pictures

I'm finally getting pictures posted of all the goodies my Secret pal Natasha sent me. Explanations of the items will be included.

Above we have magazines she sent away for for me, from GERMANY!! They both have beautiful lace designs and I love them, already working on one, will post as it goes

These are hand dyed rovings she made for me, from buttery soft merino wool. I'm spinning the orange one right now, and it's looking like spun copper, so beautiful. There's about 3 to 4 oz of each. but more of the pastel rainbow in the back.

Lovely soft merino fingering weight wool, in such beautiful colors. Haven't decided what to make yet, but I have an idea. The purple poppy is hand made by Natasha as well.

Last, but not least by any means, some hand spun /hand dyes yarns. The one in the back is from a farm in Wisconsin, but the others are hers. Both of the greens are singles of a sport weight nature, thinking scarfs for them. The wheel is wool, and the twist is an apalca blend, if I remember correctly. The multi-colored is a mohair blend, sooooo soft.

There was also a cinnamon candle and a bunch of 70% cocoa squares, which have long since been munched on.

Thanks again Natasha, you're the best!!

Oh, if I didn't tell everyone, wander over to and check out more of her things!

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