Friday, February 23, 2007

I must be crazy

Ok, I must be totally insane. I am knitting a sweater. No, not a sweater, but a f***-ing amazing sweater. If anyone has the book Domiknitrix, by Jennifer Stafford, look in the back. See that pattern that's not even there? Elfin Goth. For those who don't have it, go here. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Did you see it. Did you love it? Did you take one look and say not a chance, I value what sanity I have left? Well, I did, I did, and I must not, because right now I'm un-plying yarn. Yes, that's not plying, that's un-plying. I'm taking those big honking cones of Peaches and Cream cotton yarn that you see at Wal-Mart, those only really good for dishcloths, and separating the sets of 4 plys in to 2 of 2 plys. It's a long and boring process, but something I can do when the migraine flares up into the Marine Corps Marching Band. (side note, I had an MRI on Tuesday, and I see neurologists on Monday, maybe they'll figure out what the hell is going on). Please note, for a small I need almost 1,200 yards of this stuff, and there's about 850 on the cone, so I can get almost 1,700 yards of dk weight cotton for 6 bucks and some tv watching time. not too shabby.

I knitted up a *GULP* swatch with my yarn, and on size 4 needles it'll work just fine. I promise to post pictures ASAP, and will keep you all informed of my hair pulling out status. It should help that we're moving into our own apartment when the IRS check gets here. I gotta say, get married, have a kid, and move cross-country all in one year, you'll get one heck of a nice refund back. It'll be here by the 6th of March according to the IRS, and they usually don't lie about that. Than Sushi here we come, and new apartment here we come (via IKEA cause we have NO furniture).

Ok, rambeling on and on. I need to take advantage while Scott is sleeping and get cracking!!! Wish me luck!

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