Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The good, the bad, and the fuzzy

Ok, so the weekend from hell. You want to know more, email me. All I can say is it blew the big one!

Than good stuff happened. All day I've known I had a package down at the rental office (since our mail boxes are tiny they leave them there) but didn't have the time to go and get it. Had to go to the bank and run around downtown Minneapolis. Than we went to the Yarnery and wandered around in there. Never been there before. Wound up getting a few things. Some Misty Lace Apalca in a beautiful denim blue, a skein of Debbie Bliss's Pure Silk (cause I deserve it after the weekend), and some sock yarn aptly named Smooshy. Plus the pattern to make socks (never tried it before) and some DP's.

Than I got home and got me my box. And what a box!!! It's from my Secret Pal, and what made me laugh is my Secret Pal is the person I was spoiling! My first one dropped out and so I got a new one. BJ, you a wonderful partner. I'll be posting pictures later tonight, I have to unpack the camera first. But there's 5 skeins of 1824 cotton yarn, in a lovely blue color, the same yarn I had been thinking about buying today! And 2 skeins of a beautiful fawn colored alpaca, so soft! And 2 skeins of Crystal Palace's Panda Cotton, so pretty and green. Scott won't give me one of them. A big skein of some superwash wool in blues and purples, so I'm gonna make myself some socks too. Not only is that soft and cuddly, but it's hand dyed by BJ herself! Bwt, go check out her Etsy.com store. More Alpaca to follow, 5 skeins of either a heavy lace or a fingering weight in a dark heathered blue. The labels are in Spanish (or whatever they speak in Peru, I used to know) but it's oooohhhhhh so soft. That's it on the fiber side, but not it in a long shot. Some wonderful lemon tea, which I can't wait to try iced. Pretty blue stationary and post-it notes saying to be reasonable and do it my way (so true). Cute little buttons that I can use on Scott's sweater I'm making him, they are train cars, and a yummy smelling cinnamon candle. A book to read to Scott about a day in Maine, and something that I think even trumps the wonderus yarns. A 75% cocoa bar of chocolate from Droste and a 85% cocoa bar from Lindt. I think J thought I was gonna share with him, til I told him I was still mad at him and there wasn't a chance in hell. Maybe in a day or 2 I'll share.

Thanks again BJ!!!

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