Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yeah, well.....

Ok, so the tour isn't doing all that great anymore. Not for lack of trying or wanting to, but because my dingbat hubby sprained and maybe tore a muscle in my shoulder. *sniff*. Meanie. So I have all this wool (and soy, and silk) that I can't do anything with. Except look at, and dye up. And for the record, when I said my goal was to spin all my fiber (not that I'll make it now) I ment all that was for me, and not what I was dying for the store.

Yes, store. I'm starting up a craft business. Website soon to be up, I just have to add some more products to the site, and get someone to host it. It's called Tangled Web FiberArts and soon there will be a real site there, promise. I'm gonna get working on that as soon as my camera stops transfering pictures of the rovings to the computer. I'll be offering hand dyed and hand spun yarns, in a bunch of different fibers.

Off to code. :)

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