Saturday, August 25, 2007

The find of the year!!

Ok, so I was up on craigslist looking for a loom (for those who don't know CL, go to and poke around. You'll have to pick your city though, or it'll come up as San Francisco) and I found this wonderful woman selling off her fiber collection because she's moving. Yeah, I know, strange, but she's got a HUGE collection, and so I can see why she didn't want it around when showing her house. So, here's the haul, because of course I like to help people out and this was the best way I could find. 8.5 Pounds of a black coltswold fleece, washed and carded into this big ole batt. An Award winning fleece too, blue ribbon. $25 for the whole thing. Than 2 ounces of beautiful white bunny Angora, so silky soft it's amazing. $1. Yes, that's 1 dollar for 2 ounces. Next up is a big ball, 15 oz, of a merino and what I'm assuming Colonial in black and beautiful reds, blues, greens, and some goldish yellows. $4 for that. 3 oz green and 8 oz white merino, $4 (those were for a friend). Silk soft grey suri alpaca 7 oz, $1.50. Last, but not least, somewhere between 2 and 3 pounds of beautiful red-fawn aplaca, washed but uncarded. $3.

I'm in fiber heaven. I want to spin up all the black and knit shawls out of it. No idea what to do with the bunny fiber, except cuddle it. The beautiful grey aplaca is going to be spun lace weight and made into a shawl. I'm thinking shawls outa the fawn aplaca too, but not sure yet.

Are we sensing a theme in the project planning there? I'm sure that there will be some of the yarns made outa this stuff for sale in the shop as soon as I can spin it.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful find! Are you still looking for a loom?
Your SP11