Monday, October 15, 2007


I'm having fun out here. I'm attempting to knit (and type) with a messed up wrist. I get to have a nerve test done on it, because there's these funny things like tingling and numbness and the dr thinks carpel tunnel. :( he told me no repetitive motions, and I was a good girl, I resisted the urge to flip him off.

On the SP front, I'm almost done with a present for her, the sheep scarf is done and waiting until I knit a bunch more repeats of the edging needed on what will either be a baby blanket, shawl for her daughter, or a table cloth for said daughter to use with tea parties. I have no idea how big it will be when done and blocked. But it's pretty.

Scott walks, he'd rather walk now than crawl. He's sooooo cute, even right now when he's a whiny little wanker who's getting all 4 eyeteeth (the pointy ones) at the same time. Why couldn't he have done this last week, when he was at the in-laws?????

Speaking of in-laws, I know what my christmas present is and I want Dec. 25th to hurry up and get here. I could really use it before the holiday season, so I could get my baking done. hehe, it's pretty, and red, and it comes with many attachments.

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Anonymous said...

I suffered from Carpel Tunnel several years ago and had to give up knitting for 3 months. I wore the brace and managed to get better without the surgery. Hope you have the same luck and don't need surgery!
Your Secret Pal