Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shawl progress

I thought I would post some of the progress in my knitting. It's going slowly lately, because I can't knit with the wrist brace on, and as you can expect my wrist hurts when I knit without it. But last night I passed the halfway mark in knitting on the edging of what I'm calling a shawl (though it can and probably will be used as a tablecloth for tea parties too). It's being knit out of what I like to call hand-plyed cotton. I take Peaches and Cream cotton yarn (comes in big pound cones from wal-mart) and sit there and separate all the plys and than ply it back together as a 2 ply. It makes the softest cotton yarn I have ever used, and it's a beautiful fingering weight.

So I'm knitting a lace shawl for a little girl who just turned 4, as a birthday/baby present. She's getting a baby sister soon. Here's a picture of the shapless blob that it looks like now, and one of the edging.

I'm hoping that once it's blocked it will be 45 inches, in a slight hexagonal shape. It's knit from the Azeala patter in the First Book Of Modern Lace Knitting and it's a total of 3 repeats of the pattern (I think they called it the placemat) but since it's knit in fingering weight and not size 40 cotton, and on size 7 needles, not size 1, I'm expecting it much bigger than the original 15 inches it should be. :) It's over 20 from rim to rim, before the edging has been knit on, and I estimate the edging to be about 3 inches wide before it's going to be blocked. The edging is a pattern I got from my gran, it was written on a scrap of paper tucked in her yarn collection. I have hopes of reversing the decreases and knitting a scarf out of it, with the edging being back to back. I call it my leaf lace edging.

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