Wednesday, December 06, 2006

When it rains.....

Well, when it rains it pours so they say. I think it's true. First off, thanks to everyone who commented or emailed me to tell me it's gonna get better, all I can say is you don';t know how much it means to have people who've never met me do that. And it's gotta get better, I hate to think it can get any worse than it is now. Jay (hubby) went to work Monday night (cause he works nights for UPS) and was fired because of the car problems and missing the week of work. Never you mind that he'd called his supervisor EVERY night to keep her updated, and called in on the UPS line as well. We're trying to figure out why they couldn't just can him on Sunday night when he went it, instead of waiting a night. So now there's a grevince filed against them with the union and we're waiting to see how willing they are to pay attention to the laws. Minnesota has one of those nifty ones where if the fired person demands their check it has to be given to them in under 24 hours, or they have to pay the regular daily wage until they pay up. Going on day 2 in a few hours.

But good things happened, have health coverage again, so I can go and get new glasses (FINALLY) so I can see. I started crocheting a pineapple shawl and can't see what I'm doing cause it's in size 10 cotton and without my glasses I'm just this side of legally blind. can still knit though, so I'm knitting a Bog Jacket from Knitting Around (Elizabeth Zimmermann). I love her patterns.

Here I go off to squint some more. Best wishes to all, and happy holidays!

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Anonymous said...

i am so so sorry to hear about that crap at your hubby's work! you guys have had a hard go of it for a while, but i am sure that things will be on the upswing now. upswing. i promise. i got the thing i ordered from germany! from you, so i am putting it all toghethere. i think you might pee your pants. so there is at least that!
secret pally poo