Thursday, November 01, 2007

Moving Sucks!

Yeah, I forgot how much I hate moving. We're moving into our 2 bedroom apartment starting today. It's bigger, and I have just doubled my kitchen counter and cabinet space. My storage space is now more than my mom's kitchen, and that's sad, since her kitchen is the size of my son's bedroom. I'll update more as needed or as such happens. For those who have our address and want the new one, it's #212. Yeah, we are lazy and just moving to a bigger place in the same building. For those who need the address, send me a message.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move. It's no fun until you get in then you have the fun of arranging - finding things you thought you lost, doing the happy dance in the bigger space....enjoy!
Watch for a package in the next few days. It should be going out today less work gets busy.
Your Secret Pal