Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!!

Yes, I'm a bad blogger, but between moving, a torn muscle in my shoulder, and a router that's on the fritz, I'm amazed I got online at all. I've been spinning up some of my cotton yarns because a friend has a display in an Art Boutique and needs more stuff to sell, so I'm helping her out.

Scott is so cute, he's trying to potty train himself and he's starting to say bigger words than that and mama. His word of the day is bubble(ok, the week, but it's cute) and he likes to sat bath too, though it comes out as bapth. Poor kid is gonna have a speech impediment just like his mommy.

J's cousin should be finding out if she's having a boy or girl today. I know that they are rooting for a girl, since they have a boy already, who's almost 2. I want a girl too, that way I can spoil her a lot. I try and spoil Scott and Kyle (cousin's kid) but it's not the same.

Off to rescue the kid from the crib. He was a bad baby, so he got put back in there so I could clean up the eggs he threw all over. He's not a food thrower, and I was a little ok with it, but when he threw the plate, he knows that's a nono.

Oh, here's what I did last night, since we're actually going to a friends for the holiday. I wanted the meat. Very proud of myself, if I may say so. Isn't it all pretty and golden? Nice crispy skin, juicy meat. Flavorful too, since i roasted it with an onion, apple, and 3 cloves of garlic in the middle.

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Charlene said...

Look very tasty - makes me want a turkey sandwich w cranberry!