Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday recap

Ok, my family must be cursed or something, Tuesday afternoon I wound up with the tummy glu. This happened to me last year too, though it at least had the good graces to happen at the begining of the month. It was my mom and sister who got it last turkey day, the night I got to their house too! I wound up making turkey soup for the holiday last year. This year it was J and I trying to see who could stay in the loo longer. But we're all better now, thank the gods.

I'm heading off to my mom's tomorrow with Scott for a week, she hasn't seen him in a year, and as anyone who's ever been around a baby knows, a year is a LONG time, he's changed so much. I mean, he's sitting up, standing, walking, WAY past crawling, and is starting to talk and potty train himself.

Finished the baby sweater for my SP11 partner, and also have a blanket for her. Saddly, Scott poured grape juice all over the shawl I made for her other daughter, and I'm attempting stain removal on it. Dat's all for now.

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