Monday, December 10, 2007


The holidays have finally made me snap. I agreed to going and spending them with my in-laws, mainly because I don't want them to miss out on Scott doing cute things. Scott's now 18 months and trying to get at every display of lights we've seen in the stores. We're not decorating this year though, because I'm too lazy and the place is still a mess. Boxes everywhere and I need to go and get bookcases or something to get them all taken care of. But back to taking that trip around the bend, finally.

I have decided, and started as well, to spin up that great big bag'o'fleace that I got in the great fiber score of '07. It's lovely, soft, and a dark gray/black/brown. I already have a full bobbin (about 100 yards) spun and plied into this beautiful light and lofty worsted weight yarn. I plan on making a blanket out of it when it's all done. I think that's where the crazy comes in. A blanket to be used by all of us at once, and I'm allergic to wool.I shouldn't say that really, because since I've started spinning more I've not had many problems. I think I just have problems to the crummy wool used in most commercially produced clothes, and the chemicals they use to make it. I'm thinking spin up other colors of wool, and maybe a few stripes in the blanket to show the pattern it will take. It's going to be a ripple star blanket, worked in the round. I made one years ago for my aunt and uncle and somehow messed up in counting in the very first row, and wound up with 7 points instead of the 8 I needed. I'll do better this time, I promise. If I can ever find the apalca I got in the same '07 score I think that is what I'll use. It's a lovely dark gray that drafts like a DREAM!!!!!!! Yeah, spun up a little sample on my spindle. Or i could use the black/multi colored roving I got than too. No idea yet, but I don't want to start making it until I have more yarn made, because with that big a hook and gauge (I'm used to lace or fingering, and never bigger than a size F hook) it'll go fast, at least I'll be thinking so.

I've also been making more of my cotton yarn, and I'm gonna attempt dying it. I have finally decided that Scott sleeps at night, and since we put him down to bed around 8 every night (cause much after that and I want to flush him, how the HELL did I get a morning person for my kid) I can just prep the yarns when he's up and dye them after he goes down. They need to set 8 hours really anyway. Stupid cotton, can't use my food dyes like I can with the wool. Speaking of wool and cotton and such, I actually have some of my yarns being sole right now, in a craft exhibit. Makes me happy.

Off to eat muffins that the kid didn't want. He's been on a yogurt kick lately. It's cleared up the diaper rash of doom, I'm good with it. Yogurt and granola bars. Maybe I should find him his tie-dyed shirt I got him and have him wear that. My darling little hippy boy. Oh, he's potty training himself. Cool huh?

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