Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lol, what a day

My poor dear hubby has a really bad case of hives and is trying to scratch himself in his sleep. I mean really bad here people. All over his ENTIRE body, front and back. It's so funny, though I'm sure not to him.

I'm waiting for my soaps to cool so I can turn them out of the mold and cut and get them curing. They're melt and pour cause I'm lazy right now, but they are for Christmas presents. I scented them with Vanilla and Sandalwood and put apricot seeds (ground) as well, to exfoliate the skin. And they'll moisturize because they are Shea butter soaps. i figure give them with the wash cloths and I'm covered.

While I wait I'm knitting a purse that I'll be felting to give to my Cousin-in-law's daughter. Yeah, weird huh? But the cousins will be at Grandma's house and while the parents may get a bar of soap and a washcloth the kids will get something special. I was always raised to give a gift to the kids in a family I was visiting for the holidays, even if I brought nothing for the parents. Plus, I can honestly say that between both of the kids I only spent $25. Though I never had any idea it was so hard to get toys for a 5 year old boy. I finally went with the typical thing, and got him toy cars, from Cars too. My in-laws are big Disney fans, the whole family, cause one of the uncles actually works for Disney Studios out in CA. And yes, we take shameful advantage of it, and get in free to the parks. So nice. The daughter is getting a little purse/makeup bag and a few things of tasteful makeup. I say tasteful because yes, while she's 8 and using it for play, I'd rather give real makeup to play with (cheaper and cleans up easier, not to mention lasts a hell of a lot longer) and I don't believe that even in play those icky colors should be used, and they should be something that she might one day wear in public. It's just how I was raised. So there's 2 nail polishes, a set of mini nail files, a manicure block (for smoothing the nails and such), a lipstick, a quad of eyeshadow, and a little bottle of lotion. I know when I was her age the nail polish would have sent me over the moon. I used to take the stuff and paint EVERYTHING with it. Works really well on foil and metal, in case you were wondering. But I figured that she needed a bag to hold it in, so I'm knitting a little purse and I'll be felting it. Its in shades of pinks and browns, which I think is nice, cause all the makeup is pinks and roses. I'm thinking of going and getting some of the nail polish for myself actually, it was a really nice color. And they are all real makeup, so it may help her feel like a grownup.

Scott gives Eskimo kisses now. He started doing it when I was kissing him goodnight. It was so cute. I think he was saving it until I tried to put him down, to distract me from bedtime for another few minutes.

I'm gonna go check my soap and see if I can get some sleep soon. Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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