Thursday, December 13, 2007


I never realized how hard it is to spin to a certain size of yarn. I have NO problem spinning lace weight or fingering weight yarns, but I'm having a hell of a time spinning my alpaca roving to something heaver than fingering, and that's when it's 3 plied. I figure I'll just have to cable the yarn into a 6 ply, or even more to make sure that it's the same thickness as the black wool I'm spinning up for the blanket. I have no problem making a 3plyd worsted weight yarn out of that, but than it's a big fluffy batt, and not roving.

Besides spinning I'm still crocheting up washcloths like a little sweatshop. I'm planning on making some goats milk soap or maybe olive oil soap and give those as gifts with the washcloths to people. And give them a cute art picture I did of Scott. I'm getting it printed up as a 11X14 poster for the In-laws, and I'll frame it. J and I are using the excuse of the car needs brakes and we'd rather spend what money we have for presents on Scott, than spend a lot on everyone else and have nothing to give Scott. We'll be getting the brakes fixed on Monday, and we pick up the brother-in-law on the Sat before X-mas. We told the MIL that we'd be coming up on Sunday afternoon, but we're gonna surprise her and come up on Saturday.

Scott's still having ├╝ber poops and farts so he's being a clingy little boy. So cute though. He's getting to learn about time outs because he's been throwing things lately, and I don't want him to get used to being able to do that. Still trying to figure out what I can get him for his X-mas. For that matte,r trying to figure out what to get J too. Oh well, Scott has his presents to give to us. I picked them up when we were visiting my mom.

I hope to be able to get stock up in my store after the holidays and than get my site running again. *crosses fingers*

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