Thursday, November 13, 2008

Great Acheivment and Great Loss

The last few days have been good to me. I've spun up 230 yards of 3 ply sport/worsted weight yarn. A beautiful heathered gray color, made of a blend of white and gray merino, gray alpaca, and black Border Collie fluff. Yes, that's a dog. I'd say a 75/15/10 blend of the 3 fibers.

Than I did a first for me. I made a sock. For Scott, so it's not big. It's worked in sport weight on size 2's so it'll wear very well as a sipper too. The mate will soon follow, once I recover from losing a few friends of mine.

Yes, today a few friends of mine were resting on the couch, and suddenly a big foot came and stepped on them. Ok, I admit, it was my foot. 4 size 2 vintage rosewood DPN's have passed on to the great woodpile in the sky. The lone survivor was off on the table, cause he's not the shrpest needle in the bunch. Thankfully I have circs in size 2, and can make the other sock.
The lone survior over there, laughing at them. Little does he know that now he's a shawl pin.


mehitabel said...

Condolences! You might consider keeping the bigger pieces, re-sharpening the ends, and using them either as cable needles or "glove pins." I haven't broken any good needles recently but you have my sympathy!

fgirl said...

I'm very sorry for your loss.
Beautiful spinning though!

Girl Meets Needle said...

Oh no! My condolences sweetie! I'm so sorry!

Gorgeous spinning though. I am envious of your talent at the wheel!

craftycrafter said...


I'll be happy to spin for your anytime, since I know you're avoiding learning it like the plauge.