Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why I should leave the house more often

Well, I get great mail, that's for sure. On Wednesday I was off to Gamma's house (that's the Great Gran on mom's side) so that I could make the turkey the next morning. Gamma doesn't really cook anymore, and her daughter isn't a cook at all. We weren't sure if the other kids would be coming up for the holiday, and didn't want to risk someone not having it made. As we were pulling out of the driveway the mail woman was just getting to our box, and I wanted to stop, since I was expecting a package. But alas, the BOC wouldn't stop for 3 seconds. *sigh* Typical to my life, the package was there. 8 ounces of beautiful 80/20 Merino Tencel roving hand-dyed by the wonderful Jessica of Zarzuela's Fibers. Check out her Etsy Shop. I won this in a contest she held in her blog at the beginning of the month. It's her Seascape colorway, and is so amazingly soft. I'm hoping to get a heavy 2-ply laceweight yarn out of it, and make something uber wonderful.

Here we have 1/2 of the fiber, in all it's beautiful colors. I decided I was going to halve it, than stip it lengthwise 4 times in one half, and draft it. For the other half I plan on drafting it as is. So one ply will have shorter color sections, and the second ply will have nice long ones.

Here we have a small section of the pre-drafted strips of the first half. I love the pure white silky strands of the Tencel that are all shiney. I think it'll look amazing once it's spun.

And here's proof it'll look amazing as it's spun, a fine single of the pre-drafted fiber. So yummy.

Than today I decided I was going to take advantage of the Black Friday Sales and hit Jo-Ann's for cotton dyes. They had the tie-dye kits on sale for $5 (that's 50% off) and I had a coupon for 20% off the entire purchase, if I got there before noon. So I actually got out of bed when I woke up, instead of trying to fall back asleep. I managed to get 5 kits, for a total of 15 more bottles of dyes, in the basic colors. I have enough empty bottles now that I can mix new colors up as needed. I also was able to pick up a new cable for my digital camera, since the one I had been using went to CA with J and Scott. I've been using a basic camera for now, and missed the loverly pictures this one takes. When I don't smudge the lens.

When I got home I had this bouncy 6 yo niece telling me I had a package. Now, I hadn't ordered anything, and had no idea what it could be. More so when I saw the city it was mailed from. Mailed from right here in MI. It's from my secret pal.
This loverly yarn here is Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine, is a beautiful teal color. It's not as dim as the picture would suggest. For those willing to go hunt the site to see the true color, it's #1294. I think my SP is trying to pass on a hint, to get making socks again. Now I can, because I was also gifted some size1 bamboo DPN's. I swear to make sure these don't meet the same fate. And behind everything else, there's that pattern. Which pattern is it, you might be asking yourself. Well, it's the Leaf Lace Sock by Fiber Trends of course.
On the Scotty front, tonight when talking to him, I asked if he'd like socks. "Nooooo" A Scarf? "Noo" A highland cow (been making one for him) "Yesh". A Christmas stocking? "Yesh". He wanted a gree one, so I'll be makign an olive green with grey details, and maybe some red. He doesn't seem big on the reds lately, so I'll most likely leave that out. If I have enough yarn I'l supposed to make one for J too. Soctty said.

He's doing well, and on Thanksgiving helped a friend's son decorate the Chirstmas tree they have. 2 kids under 5 decorated the tree, and I have video proof. He's going to have his half birthday in December. Growing up so fast.


Beverly said...

The spinning is looking gorgeous and what a wonderful secret pal you have!

Jessica said...

Glad you are enjoying your fiber! It looks wonderful already. :)

Yvonne said...

WOW! Great package!! And aren't Zarzuela's Fibers AWESOME??

craftycrafter said...

Oh gods yes! She's got some serious dyeing skills. Not only that, it was dyed just for me. *happy dance*