Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mondo massive Blog post

I'm sure you're all waiting with baited breath to learn who answered all the questions properly. There were 2 who got them all right, and something fun happened with that. But first, the questions.

1) In August of '08 I fell and sprained what? My Knee
2) My son's name, and birthday? Scott and June 9th, 2006
3) What life changing events have happened to me this year (there's 2 answers) I lost 3 years of memory due to concussions, and got divorced.
4) My favorite color Blues, deep reds, greens, and grays (yes, more than one, so that was a toss up)
5) I made something for my MIL, what was it? A shawl. A lot of you said scarf, which never got made. At least no one said doily!
6) What to name my wheel (no wrong answer) Arduwynne (which has already been shortened to Win when I'm in a hurry)

Ok, so the whole reason I really picked 2 winners was the name one submitted scarded me. I am *terrified* of spiders, and while Arachnae is a beautiful name, it could never be. So I went with 2 winners. Oh yeah, should maybe tell you's all who they is. The first is the beautiful, talented and mother of 2 beautiful little lads, AMY, also known as ArtemisOrange on plurk. And the second is another beautiful woman, soon to be in the LSG (Lazy Stupid and Godless) calender as an unknown month. The talented Cadence , known in plurk fame as GirlMeetsNeedle. BTW, if you readers aren't on plurk, get yourselves up there. It's fun.

Prize packages are being decided as a surprise for my 2 winners. I'm sure they will involve some baked item, some handspun yarns, and other treats.

On the spinning front, I just finished spinning up 349 yards of a heavy lace/light fingering weight yarn, in beautiful purples and blues. Mom has named it Lake Michigan Twilight (since she's who picked what to spin)

As Arduwynne's "christening" project, I'm going to spin for a real project!!! Ok, pick yourselves up off the floor, weirder things have been known to happen. I know that I usually just spin and horde, or have no real plan with what I should do with the yarns. But I want to knit a Hemlock Ring Blanket and so I am going to spin some of the massive bag o' fleace that I got a year and a bit ago. It's t his beautiful black-ish brown and sure to spin up all pretty. I'll also be spinning things up for sale some more, so I can get items posted. I'm also doing some testing of ideas/items to see what everyone thinks of them.

It's a lot easier to see what I have for sale since I got the fibers and yarns all sorted. Ok, the fibers are, but I need to rig up a "closeline" type thing so I can hang the yarns from that, and see at a glance. Than there's the idea of getting a lot of priority mail boxed from USPS and using them as storage. That caused some laughs, but I'm good for now.

Scott is thriving in CA it seems. He just got a pet, his first. It's a beta fish named Ulric (I know, weird right?). Today he's at the Disney parks with his Great Uncle Jeff (he works for Disney and gets them in free) and I'm going to assume his uncle Caleb, who just graduated from Marine Boot Camp and will spend the next 6 months of his life in Butt-f'ing-nowhere. Also known as 29 Palms. I hope he enjoys having to travel at least 20 miles for anything. Sally was born out there on base, and they prob still haven't forgotten the story of that. I had the decent sense to be born in Barstow, in town. That's where mom and Robert were stationed at that time. Congrats to Caleb for finishing.

I'm off to Plurk, attempt eating (got the stoopid tummy bug going around) and knit some. I swore that I wouldn't start to knit another item until everything but the beaded lace shawl was off the needles. I finished the Jaxy Cowl last night (pictures soon) and will be frogging the lace shawl, cause I've screwed up several times. So that takes care of everything. I think I'll knit a few scarves. One in my Malabrigio Lace, and one in a silk yarn I recovered from a tank top. I know I blogged about that one. Maybe something with leaves, since it's green.

Toods for now my darlins!


Girl Meets Needle said...

Yay! I get fun stuff! :) FUN STUFF ROCKS!!!!

Oh and btw Betty, you are a supah talented spinnah!!!! :) WOOT!

A. Brown said...

HOORAY! Thanks so much Betty. I haven't won anything in years. :)

I LOVE the yarn too! One day I hope to learn to spin (and dye!)