Saturday, June 07, 2008

What did I do?

I think I ate too much is what. Never go to Chipotle if you're not really hungry, cause you can't finish a burrito bowl. So I sit here, typing, and feeling so stuffed one wrong move will make me explode.

On other what was I thinking notes, I had my mom and 5 year old niece come out for a visit. They're driving me up the wall already. But she's cute, and my mom is a big help. I also taught my niece how to use a spindle and a spinning wheel. Yes, that's right, a 5 year old is spinning. Granted, it's not real spinning, but more plying cotton singles together, but it's something.

Scott turns 2 on Monday, and he's so cute. We're going to the zoo with his auntie and some cousins and than having a small party at home. Speaking of parties, i have to make his cake tomorrow, and get a cheesecake made tonight for our usual craft potluck day at friends. Cheesecake and pasta salad are what I'm taking. But I'm not making a heavy mayo salad, more of a light one in Italian dressing. There's a friend there who can't do meat and other protein items due to health problems so the salad is for her, and the cake is also for her if she wants to dare it.

I finished crocheting a shawl for me, and I'm making a cape type thing for my Gamma (great-gran). Both are pineapple patterns, and both are kinda my patterns. I say kinda because they are based on pictures of patterns I've seen, but never actually seen the pattern. I have a knack for getting patterns from crocheted items and even just pictures of them. My high point was taking a cheap plastic tablecloth from the dollar store and sitting there and writing out the pattern for the crocheted item it was pressed from. Took a while, but the folks at the dollar store were amazed when I took the finished item down there to show them.

Off to make cheesecakes. Woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

looking forward to SP 12 and getting to know you
'Serena McFay'