Tuesday, July 01, 2008

6 buses in 10 days

I swear, I've got enough miles racked right now to fly to moon it seems. Here's my life in the last week. He finally agreed to let me come out and talk face to face, and at least bring some things for him. I got there, we talked. I was in the process of finding a place to stay that wasn't with him, so I could be near Scott. We were this close *holds up 2 fingers an smidgen apart* to working things out. Than Friday morning I get a call from his mother, at 6:28 AM mind you, so I think it's something wrong with the kid or him and pick up instead of giving the call all the due it deserved at that ungodely hour of the morning. She tells me, and this is a direct quote "If you're not on the next bus out of town you're going to be a sorry little girl." And the AM hung up. AM stands for Aunt Mary who was my dad's aunt and a manipulative old hag who would play mind games and fuck you over if you didn't do what she wanted. She tried suing mom for custody when we were kids, and almost had my great gram arrested. I figure it's better calling her that than a b-word. So I"m back in MI now, not because she told me to leave, but because she had Scott at her house and J and I were afraid she'd try and keep him from J. She's already lost any right to see him until his hair grows back, they all have (except the brother before he ships out for the corps) because everyone and their brother has been forbidden to cut his hair. We liked it long, and it was our decision. They were even told what would happen when they did. We're not so much mad about the hair cut as the fact that even a simple thing like that couldn't be respected. I wonder what crap they'll try to pull when they find out once J's out of the lease he's moving back to CA. That may be as soon as the roommate gets out of Basic and comes back. Otherwise beginning of November.

I miss my little boy, he's so cute on the phone.

I've been spinning on my supported spindle a lot while on the computer, it's something I can have in front of me. I was giving demos in the Chicago bus station Saturday morning during my 7 hour layover and have what I would say is 200 yards on there of uber fine cotton, and still more to spin. I'm also crocheting up a storm of washcloths and making soaps to sell with them at a garage sale we're having out here weekend after the 4th. There's already Milk and Honey soap with oatmeal, and I'll be making a Rose and Glycerin soap, and a Lavender Oatmeal as well. I'm collecting rose petals to put in the rose soap, for added bits of color.

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