Thursday, July 31, 2008


No, no more spinning on the sweater silk has been done. Sad to say I had to quit one of my meds for a few weeks, because i couldn't get it (it's pricey) but that'll be changed manana. So right now there's lots of pain.

On a knitting note, I just finished a commission to knit an Owl backpack. This link was the inspiration for the lady. Here's a link to pictures of the finished item. Ok, bad pictures, but still.

I'm to go and see Scott next week, for 2 WHOLE WEEKS!!!!!! Yeah, had to say it like that. I still think I"m getting the shaft time wise but it's better than before, I got it upped to 2 weeks every 2 months, instead of 1. 1 week every 2 months was called reasonable parenting time. Excuse me, 12% of the year? 6 weeks a year was reasonable???? What planet does the law live in? 12 weeks isn't much better, but it's almost a quarter of the year, and I have it in writing from J that once we're both in CA (planning by New Years) that it'll be changed. I know, it's something small to pin my hopes on, but I'll take what I can get.

Off to find more patterns for things. And look at my wheel wishing I had an electric attachment for it, or the cash to get one. Soon.

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